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Welcome to the digital Passier Saddle Number Check. Each Passier saddle is a unique piece of craftsmanship. Every single Passier saddle gets its own number from the saddle master during production, making it unmistakable. This number makes it possible to trace year of production and specifications of each saddle, even decades later. Please note: The year of production is not necessarily identical with the date of sale.

The saddle number is a 6-digit number. You find it embossed on the saddle flap (see photo).

Note: If the saddle number is lower than 212 041 the saddle was produced before 1986. Data for that period has not been digitized yet.

Saddle numbers 018 000 to 080 000 are an exception. They indicate that the saddle has a synthetic saddle tree. Information about those numbers is available via the digital Saddle Number Check.

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