No Limits Snaffle Bridle

The No Limits Snaffle Bridle is so comfortable and horse-friendly that there really are no more limits to the level of the horse’s performance!! The anatomically-formed headpiece has an exceptionally soft lining and relieves pressure. The Flash Noseband, which is also anatomically-formed features light decorative stitching and has a removable flash strap loop. The waved browband with light decorative stitching completes the elegant look of the snaffle bridle. The web bridle reins with matching light decorative stitching have closely spaced leather hand grips that enable even more precise rein control on the jumping course. An ultramodern snaffle that sets new standards!


Finest Passier bridle leather


Web Bridle Reins with ring at the front, light decorative stitching and Double Leather Hand Grips
More Passier reins available alternatively with this snaffle bridle here


Cob size, full size


Black only with stainless steel fittings

Stainless Steel

Art. no. 811