EVO-D Dressage Saddle

The monoflap dressage saddle for freedom of movement! The seating is especially comfortable due to the Queen Special Feature, the moved-back points of the cantle and the super-soft seat. The riders are positioned slightly forward with plenty of space in the saddle, which relieves pressure on the rear part of the saddle. The deep seat and the monoflap construction enable the rider to sit especially close to the horse and exert more influence. Freedom panels with gusset at the front let the horse move its shoulder even more freely. Due to "The Lifter" panels the saddle has a compact, short area of contact on the horse’s back. The front of the thigh support and the cantle have been refined with design-leather-elements.

Refinement with Premium Crystals

Design Variations on the Cantle


Natural Grip leather
Seat, knee inserts, and panels: Selloil leather
Design elements in design leather Marezzo


PS saddle tree, deep and broad seat, Queen Special Feature, EVO-D thigh support, design leather elements on cantle and thigh support, 2 x 70 cm (28") billet straps incl. point billet straps, "The Lifter" freedom panels with gusset at front


16" to 19"



Art. no. 504

The width of the gullet plate can be adjusted to different horses