Correct Saddle Girth Care

Every quality product requires particularly good care in order to preserve its high quality and functional properties for as long as possible. Passier Saddle Girths should therefore be cleaned thoroughly with saddle soap at regular intervals, according to frequency of use. Sweat is one of leather’s greatest enemies; it draws moisture from the leather and makes it dry and brittle. The use of functional fabrics for riding wear exposes the leather to greater strain – through the direct wicking away of moisture from the rider. Cleaned saddles should be treated with Passier Lederbalsam at least every five days to maintain the suppleness of the leather. In order to protect the quality leather, and avoid any additional damage, please use Passier Saddle Soap and Passier Lederbalsam exclusively.

Here you can find the guidelines for the correct saddle girth care (pdf 5,7 MB)

1. Cleaning of the outer side
Moisten sponge with saddle soap and water and clean the outside of all leather parts.

2. Open the velcro strap
Open the velcro flap while cleaning so no soap or liquid can deposit underneath.

3. Cleaning the snap hook
Carefully remove any dirt that may have accumulated on the snap hook using a soft brush or a paintbrush.

4. Turn the saddle girth over
Turn the saddle girth over to access all dirt and sweat adhering to the soft underside.

5. Cleaning of the inner side
It is important to clean the inside especially thoroughly because this is the side which has contact with the horse.

6. Drying of the outer side
After cleaning with saddle soap and water, the outside must be dried thoroughly.

7. Dry with the velcro strap open
Let the saddle girth dry with the flap open so that no foxing spots can form.

8. Turn the saddle girth over
Here the same applies: Turn the saddle girth over and pay particular attention to the folds in the leather!

9. Drying of the inner side
Also dry the inside of the saddle girth carefully using a soft cloth.

10. Care of the outer side
Lederbalsam is to be applied to the outside of all leather parts using a good quality brush which will not shed hairs.

11. Turn the saddle girth over
And turn the saddle girth over again – and flatten out the folds.

12. Care of the inner side
Lederbalsam is also to be applied to the inside of all leather parts.

13. Absorption time
Allow approx. 15 minutes for Passier Lederbalsam to be absorbed into the leather.

14. Finishing touch to the outer side
Using a woolen cloth, wipe over the outside of the saddle girth in order to remove any Lederbalsam residue.

15. Check the outside
Before closing the velcro strap, please check that everything underneath is clean and completely dry.

16. Turn the saddle girth over
Turn the saddle girth over again.

17. Finishing touch to the inner side
A woolen cloth should also be used to remove any Lederbalsam from the inside which has not yet been absorbed.

18. Ready!
A perfectly cared for Passier Leather Saddle Girth not only looks good, it also lasts for a very long time!

Here you can find the guidelines for the correct saddle girth care (pdf 2MB)