PSL VD All-Purpose Saddle

The PSL VD with emphasis on dressage, is a very popular all-purpose saddle which exudes an image of sheer perfection, whether in the dressage arena, on the jumping course or cross-country. A characteristic feature of this model from the Passier Soft Line is the soft knee insert leather, which is continued as an optical embellishment right under the stirrup bars. The PSL VD offers excellent freedom of movement for the horse as well as the rider. This saddle is available with sparkling Premium Crystals and design variations on the cantle.

Refinement with Premium Crystals

Design Variations on the Cantle


Natural Grip leather
Seat, knee insert and panels: Selloil leather


PS saddle tree, knee rolls, freedom panels


16“ to 19“


Teak (no Natural Grip leather, only European Calf leather)

Art. no. 096

The width of the gullet plate can be adjusted to different horses