Sirius Dressage Saddle

As the first saddle with the frt-System®, the Sirius Dressage Saddle guarantees that the horse’s shoulder is able to rotate completely freely. Horses ridden in the Sirius saddle are more relaxed and content, and riders also report a particularly calm and harmonious sitting sensation. Furthermore the Sirius Dressage Saddle convinces by its comfortable, deep seat, elegant patent leather trim, a variable selection of Velcro supports, freedom panels and the practical V-girth arrangement. The saddle is available with sparkling Premium Crystals and design variations on the cantle.

Refinement with Premium Crystals

Design Variations on the Cantle


Natural Grip leather
Seat, knee inserts, and panels: Selloil leather
Trim at front and back and gusset: Patent leather


PS saddle tree with frt-System®, deep seat, choice of large, broad or narrow, high thigh supports with Velcro, 2 x 70 cm (28") billet straps incl. V-girth arrangement at the front, freedom panels with gusset at front


16" to 19"


Teak (no Natural Grip leather, only European Calf leather, only without patent leather elements)

Art. no. 565

The width of the gullet plate can be adjusted to different horses