Guaranteed Highest Passier Quality

All Passier products are handmade from top-quality materials – and are subject to constant quality control during the production process. That’s how Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories meet the highest Passier standards for quality. Guaranteed. Worldwide.

With Passier quality leather, for example, Passier does not insist that defects be documented within the legal guarantee period of two years. Passier examines the product itself in these cases.

There is a special warranty on all Passier saddle trees. Passier guarantees – for 5 years on all PS saddle trees and for 10 years on all synthetic saddle trees, starting from the date of manufacture – that there are no concealed defects. This warranty covers all defects that could not be detected at the time of transfer, and which are not the result of improper handling, care, or repair work by third parties. Most important are correct mounting, and the treatment of products with the care products recommended by Passier.