PS Saddle Tree with frt-System®

Scientific studies have produced evidence that when the horse’s foreleg touches the ground, the shoulder blade cartilage protrudes further outwards due to the contraction of the muscles behind it, which means more space is required.

This is where the frt-System® (free-rotation-tree-System) comes in: the anatomically formed gullet plate bars of the PS Saddle Tree prevent contact with the shoulder blade cartilage during movement. The horse’s shoulder can therefore move completely freely. Freedom is created precisely where it is required, and the horse can move completely freely in all gaits. The result: more fun in training – more success in the dressage arena.

Furthermore the PS Saddle Tree with frt-System® naturally convinces with all the advantages of the exclusive PS-Saddle Tree.


The PS Saddle Tree with frt-System® is available for all saddles with PS Saddle Tree.