1. How often can Passier saddles be adjusted?

The adjustable width of the gullet plate means a Passier saddle can be adjusted perfectly to suit the shape of any horse‘s back. This can even be done a number of times. In this context an optimum fit and there-fore respect and care of the horse is the ultimate priority. As a result of its precise fit, a Passier saddle can accompa-ny a horse and rider throughout their en-tire life. Please see the movie “Perfect Saddle Fit” on the Passier website.

2. How can I see whether a Passier saddle fits perfectly?

The most reliable way is always to approach an authorised Passier stockist for advice concerning everything to do with saddles. Anyone who wishes to find out for himself whether a saddle still fits well can download the measurement-sheet “Correct Saddle Fit”, which contains some tips about how you can check for yourself whether or not your saddle still fits.

3. What do I do if I feel that my saddle does not fit properly anymore?

Here the same applies: Your first contact person in questions concerning saddles is your Passier stockist. But you can also refer to the measurement-sheet “Correct Saddle Fit”, which consists of a table of relevant measurements and measure the saddle yourself then send it directly to Passier, for example.

4. What are gusseted panels?

Gusseted panels are wedge-shaped leather attachments sewn onto the panel leather in the back-third of the panels. The increased panel volume means a greater surface contact area which also further improves the fit of the saddle on the horse’s back. Gusseted panels also facilitate any subsequent changes to the saddle which may become necessary.

5. Which flocking material is used for Passier saddles?

Passier saddles are filled with synthetic flocking. This means the saddles remain in optimum shape for many years. The new foam inserts ensure a particularly soft, smooth contact area with the horse’s back – which is especially important in the  case of sensitive horses.

6. With which gullet plate width is a Passier saddle supplied?

When you buy a Passier saddle from an authorised Passier stockist, the saddle should always have the right gullet plate width to suit your horse. Most of our saddles are supplied with a gullet plate width of 27.5 cm (10 3/4”). This, therefore, represents a kind of “standard measurement”. Neverthe less saddles with a gullet plate width of 26.5 cm 

(10 3/8”), i.e. somewhat narrower than standard, with a gul-let plate width of 28.5 cm (11 1/8”), somewhat wider than standard and with a gullet plate width of 29.5 cm (11 1/2”), i.e. extra-wide are quite frequently required. Furthermore the adjus-table gullet plate in Passier saddles can be adjusted in 0.5 cm (1/5”) stages by a qualified saddler to all widths ranging from 23.5 cm (9 1/7”) to 32.0 cm (12 1/2”). Therefore it will always be possible to find the ideal width for any pony or horse! Important: Passier gullet plate widths are not comparable with those of other saddle-makers, because the Passier gullet plate bars are shorter to provide the horse with optimum shoulder freedom as well as freedom of movement.

7. Which Passier saddle is the right one for me and my horse?

This is naturally a matter of taste! Generally speaking: All Passier saddles can be adjusted to fit the horse perfectly. Therefore it makes sense to have a look on the internet to make an initial pre-selection and then to go to a Passier stockist in order to try out your favourite saddles in the shop. At this stage you can clarify which seat size and which saddle flap length you require. Afterwards the stockist will come to your yard with a selection of saddles to try out on your horse. The qualified stockist will inspect the position of the saddle on your horse when it is standing still as well as in motion. If necessary, the saddle-fitter will take the saddle back to the shop to make any alterations which may be re-quired. A second saddle-fitting will then follow at your yard so that the stockist can check with an experienced eye to ensure that your new Passier saddle fits your horse absolutely perfectly.

8. Why do all Passier saddles have embossed numbers and what do they mean?

Every saddle is a unique product made by craftsmen and receives its own number from our saddle masters' hands during production in Langenhagen – a feature which makes it unmistakable. On the basis of the numbers it is possible, even after decades, to check in what year a saddle was made and dispatched from the company and which gullet plate width and what special features the saddle hat at this time.

9. How can I best care for my Passier products?

Every quality product should be cared for properly so that its high quality is maintained for as long as possible. Passier recommends treatment at least every five days after riding, cleaning and greasing the saddle or the leather saddle girth all over, on the top surfaces as well as underneath. When cleaning the leather saddle girth it is very important to bend the girth the other way round so as to be able to clean the girth creases sustainably. In order to protect the quality leather and prevent damaging it, only Passier Saddle Soap and Passier Lederbalsam should be used to care for Passier saddles and leather girths. For the bridles the Passier Bridle Cleaner can also be used. This will ensure that all Passier pro-ducts remain in first-class condition for a very long time. For all tips on proper care, see the manuals “Correct Saddle Care” and “Correct Saddle Girth Care”.

10. What is the guarantee period on Passier products?

All Passier products are handmade from top-quality mate-rials – and are subject to constant quality control during the production process. That’s how Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories meet the highest Passier standards for quality. Guaranteed. Worldwide. With Passier quality lea-ther, for example, Passier does not insist that defects be documented within the legal guarantee period of two years. Passier examines the product itself in these cases. There is a special warranty on all Passier saddle trees. Passier guarantees – for five years on all PS saddle trees and for ten years on all synthetic saddle trees, starting from the date of purchase – that there are no concealed defects. This warranty covers all defects that could not be detected at the time of transfer, and which are not the result of improper handling, care, or repair work by third parties. Most important are the treatment of products with the care products recommended by Passier, as well as correct mounting.

11. Which international professional riders put their trust in Passier?

Dressage: Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, Remy Issartel, Jessica Michel, Huber-tus Schmidt, Patrick van der Meer. Jumping: Otto Becker, Eva Bitter, Jody Bosteels, Franz-Josef “Peppi” Dahlmann, Marcus Ehning, Andreas Kreuzer, Carlotta Schepers, Gerrit Schepers, Charlotte von Rönne, Sören von Rönne, Thomas Voß. Cross-Country/All-Purpose: Ingrid Klimke, Julia Krajewski, Kai Rüder.

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